Unable to find a modern, Eco-friendly craft they could use for cocktail cruising, picnicking and fishing on Narragansett Bay and for trailering to other bays and lakes, electronics engineer Rufus Van Gruisen and his yacht designer son, Rogan, decided to create their own. With the assistance of naval architect Matt Smith of Barrington, Rhode Island, the result became theeCraft 20. While the prototype was built with glass-fiber vacuum bagged over a strip cedar core, in Newport, Rhode Island, the production models will be foam cored and manufactured in Bristol; Rhode Island’s boat building hub


Taking advantage of modern hull design techniques, the hull produces minimal bow wave or stern wash. This not only protects the shoreline in speed restricted waterways but more importantly ensures an easily driven hull that maximizes the efficiency of the electric drive. The design enables the boat to travel at speeds greater than its 20 foot waterline length would normally permit, without planing.

With a beam at the at the waterline of almost 7 feet, the boat is very stable and provides a comfortable, level ride. the draft of 2 feet enables the boat to explore shallow waters and be easily launched and retrieved from trailer ramps.

Above the water, the relatively high hull provides a dry ride through even choppy waters and creates a safe and secure interior with comfortable height backrests for the seating.